On May 2, 2018, Five members of the Sons of Italy, Jerry Altieri, Frank Fragola, Vincent Iacobucci, Domenico Testa and Virgil Iacobucci were recognized with a ceremony during the monthly members meeting. These men have reached a level of service in the Southington Sons of Italy organization that just a few members have been able to achieve. They have been inducted into an exclusive club that only ten other members have entered “The Fifty-year Club”. It is members such as these fine men that have helped this organization for the past 50 years or more to succeed, continue to prosper and be a leader in our community. Most of all it is members such as these men that have paved the road for generations to come in representing our club and our Italian heritage to the Southington community. They are one of just a few members left that have immigrated from Italy and have truly lived the American dream in providing a great future and life for their family’s and themselves. They are living legends of the legacy that this organization was founded on in 1910. The Officer’s, Board of Director’s, Board of Trustees and the entire membership are truly grateful for their continued commitment and dedication to our organization. We whole heartedly congratulate them on their 50 years of service and for being members in good standing of the Southington Sons of Italy. Please go to the gallery for additional photo’s.