This posting will serves as a reminder and notification. At our June 2, 2021 meeting, the members voted and approved to increase the dues by $20 for a new dues of $80 per member.

On October 6, 2021 during a special meeting, A proposal of an annual membership building and land assessment fee of $40 per member. The primary reason for this assessment fee was to be pro-active and be in a better financial position in the event we had the opportunity to purchase the land next door.  The assessment was discussed, and a motion was made and seconded to implement the $40 per member assessment. The motion was carried unanimously and will be effective January 1, 2022. The assessment fee’s will be kept in a separate lockbox account and only to be used for building and land. The assessment will be a yearly fee until any land mortgage is paid or the funds are no longer needed.

Membership renewal forms will be emailed as well as mailed to those that don’t have email address. The renewal form will reflect the new dues amount of $80 and the new assessment fee of $40 totaling $120 per member. Per by-laws 25-year members’ dues will remain the same but they are required to pay the $40 assessment fee. 50 years members are excluded from membership dues and assessment fees.

As a reminder, failure you pay membership dues and assessment fee will result in a lost of membership. Dues and assessments are due January 1, 2021. Per by-laws, A monthly late fee of $10 per month will be charged until March 31, 2022. After March 31st membership will be dropped.